SEO Tips To Get Index Faster In Google

By | July 6, 2014

SEO Tips To Get Index Faster In Google [How To]

Hey Friends.. Today I’m going to tell you SEO Tips To Get Index Faster In Google. Before going to the actual topic I think you all know about What is SEO..? So, I’m skipping this.

How To Get Index Faster In Google

In this post I’m going to tell you two about two things to get index faster in Google.

  1. On Page SEO Optimization
  2. Off Page SEO Optimization

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1.On Page SEO Optimization

Keyword Research
Use Keyword Research tools like Google Keyword Planner, LongTailPro, and find some keywords for the post you are going to write. After you find some keywords, check the competition of those keywords and use low competition Keywords to write your blog post.

The title of the post should contain atleast more than 40 characters and it should not exceed 70 characters as Google crawls only first 70 characters.

Meta Description
Post Meta Description is very important thing you should never forget. Every post you write should contain Meta description. Meta description will tell what you actually written in the post content. So, when you write meta description it should contain the keyword what you are giving more importance in your post and also meta description should not exceed 160 characters.

Post Body
The body of the post should contain more than 300 words and do not write unnecessary content in your post to increase the size of the post. As increasing the size of the post makes the user/visitor annoyed to read and find out some useful matter. The first paragraph of the post body should contain the Keyword which you want to rank and should contain atleast one H2 tag with a keyword in it. The image in the post should contain the alt tag with the keyword.

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2.Off Page SEO Optimization

After doing every thing in a proper manner, now its the time for us to do off page search engine optimization to get the post indexed in Google. So, follow these steps.

Sharing in Social Media
Share your post to social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter..etc.

  • As Google+ is a Google product, the post shared here will be indexed fast.
  • Share posts in Twitter, Facebook groups and also on your time line to get traffic.

Submitting Blog Post

  • Google Webmaster Tools –>Crawl–>Fetch as Google
  • Submit your post to Reddit
  • Submit your post to StumbleUpon
  • Submit your post to
  • Submit your post to yahoo buzz

Blog Commenting
Follow some blogs which ranks better in Google and comment in their posts using your post link. Try to find some commentluv enabled blogs and comment in those blog which will give you backlink to your blog.

Some more important steps

  • Answer to the questions of Yahoo Answers
  • Add to Google and Yahoo Book Marks.
  • Join forums and use your blog link as Signature.
  • Answer to Stack overflow and give your link in the answer.

Follow all these steps in this article to get index faster in Google. I think this article might be definitely helpful to you, especially for newbies.

Thank for taking your time to read this article. Follow our blog to get more tech and SEO Updates.

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