Windows 8 password reset tool (HOW TO)

By | May 9, 2014

How to Reset Windows 8  login password using recovery tool ?

windows 8 password reset and recovery

In this modern world you have  totally a set of different email id and password on an individual basis and manage all . Therefore a mean net users could have over three emails id’s and password, and it’s difficult to recollect all . So Probability of forgetting password is a common thing. So Don’t worry!!! Here is a full guide to windows 8 password reset.

So if you forget the guest /user password then you’ll be able to reset by using the admin account however as if you may know  the admin account. Then you need to data format the whole computer this might kill some time, valuable information loss etc. that the simple and intelligent answer is by resetting login password of windows eight , All you wish is software package and a quick tutorial about windows 8 password reset.

So this tutorial helps you to recover windows 8 password using  tool called LazeSoft Software. To get started this method all you wish is LazeSoft Software helps us to reset the windows laptop. I gave the transfer link to lazesoft and it gets directed to somewhere therefore folks get confused . so what i did here is uploading the code to filehosting (mediafire) you’ll be able to download with none delay. so beginners can also download the software simply.

To Windows 8 password reset)

Step-by-step to windows 8 password reset:

  1. Download the software from given link and install it
  2. windows 8 password reset & recovering using lazesoft tool
  3.   First of all all you need is an empty  USB/Pen drive Open the installed software and Click on  Burn Disk/USB.
  4. recover my windows 8 password reset
  5. Then Click on USB Flash. Restart the system. After restarting you will see this screen.

windows 8 password reset bootable screen   6.When it load you can observe windows password recovery. so click that and reset your windows 8 Admin/User password.


I hope this tutorial helped you, any doubts regarding plses do comment below. thank you.


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