Embed Facebook Posts On Your Site [How To]

By | July 12, 2014
How To Embed Facebook Posts On Your Site

How To Embed Facebook Posts On Your Site

Hai friends….Today Iam going to show you how to embed facebook posts such as photo,video,status or anything else shared on facebook page on your website.If your website has a lot of traffic then using that you can increase talking of your page by getting likes on your facebook posts from site visitors.

Steps To Embed Facebook Posts On Your Site :

1)Open anyone of your facebook pages and then post a status or photo or video on your page..
2)Then on the top right of your post you will find a down arrow button
3)Click on that.You will find options such as Pin to Top,Highlight,Hide from Page and Embed Post
4)Click on Embed post
5)A dialog box will be opened displaying the code to embed and preview of that.You can change the width as per your site requirements.
6)Copy the code and paste it in HTML Text

I will show you an example..

Recently I posted an Article SEO Tips To Get Index Faster In Google and shared it on my facebook page.
Now I will embed that post Here

Screenshots showing the steps :




You can see above that my facebook post was embedded here.Like button above represents Facebook Page like.You can also like,comment and share that post from here..
Note : You can also embed posts of other pages also if u wish to share them on your site by following from step2.

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