How To : Rename Facebook Page Name 2015 (100% Working)

By | June 26, 2015

Hai friends..!! Today Iam going to explain you how to rename facebook page name which has more than 200 likes.As we already know that it is difficult to rename facebook page name after 200+ likes.Here Iam going to explain you it in a simple way.

How To : Rename Facebook Page Name 2015 (100% Working)

Steps To Rename Facebook Page Name 2015

Firstly you must be the admin of the page in which you want to change the name

1)Open one of your facebook pages (

2)Go to About Section.In the page Info change your page category to Local business and in the name click on edit

Check the highlighted parts of the screenshot if you have any doubts

3)Click on request change.A new page will be opened with title ‘I need to change the name of my Page’
Tick the formatting guidelines

4)Select your page currently represents as ‘Other’ and tick I would like to change my page name
Enter the desired page name there

5)Select the reason as Iam rebranding my page.

6)Choose file as your page profile picture or any other JPG image

7)Agree to the terms and conditions and send the request


8) If your request was approved then you will get a notification that your page name is changed and the case is closed.Once your page name is changed you can also change the page url to match your new page name

Here I succesfully changed my page name from Tamannah Bhatia – Milky Beauty to Tamannah – Milky Beauty

click on the image to view it clearly


If your new page name very nearer to the present then facebook will take very shot time to change the page name.

Example : Telangana Jobs can be changed to Jai Telangana in very short time

If your page name very much different from the present then it will take seven days waiting period for you to change the name

Example : Mahesh is N0.1 can be changed to Mahesh Babu fans

Note : This trick will only work if atleast one of the phrases your page old name matches with the new name.You can check the above examples.There Telangana and Mahesh are common phrases

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