How To Change Facebook Skins and Facebook Themes

  Another interesting article from EzineTech regarding changing theme on Facebook and the way to feature skins to your Facebook account. If you incomprehensible  our previous trick’s relating to Facebook look into them here ‘Facebook Tricks’. As all folks understand Facebook may be a social networking website that facilitates users to move with one another… Read More »

Windows 8 password reset tool (HOW TO)

How to Reset Windows 8  login password using recovery tool ? In this modern world you have  totally a set of different email id and password on an individual basis and manage all . Therefore a mean net users could have over three emails id’s and password, and it’s difficult to recollect all . So… Read More »

Blogger To WordPress : 3 Things To Do, Which Will Save Your Traffic

Blogger To WordPress Broken Permalinks Setting. Now a days many bloggers are moving their blog from blogger to wordpress for some reasons like SEO plugins, facebook comments and other advantages. But after restoring the blogger posts, they are removing from SERP as the permalink structure will be changed for those posts and a 404 page… Read More »